Kwang-Je Kim
Argonne lab /
U.Chicago (Physics)
Young-Kee Kim
U.Chicago (Physics)
Sergei Nagaitsev
Fermilab /
U.Chicago (Physics)
Steven J. Sibener
U.Chicago (Chemistry)
Amie Wilkinson
U.Chicago (Mathematics)
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Daniel Bowring
Anna Grassellino
Alexander Romanenko
David Schuster
U.Chicago (Physics)
Alexander Valishev

Current Postdocs

Stanislav (Stas) Baturin
Department of Physics

Current Graduate Students

Sergey Antipov
Department of Physics
"Study of Fast Beam Instability in the Fermilab Recycler Ring"
Advisors: Young-Kee Kim and Sergei Nagaitsev
Ben Barber
Department of Physics
"Understanding the ultra-high quality factor in superconducting RF cavities"
Advisors: Young-Kee Kim and Anna Grassellino
Lipi Gupta
Department of Physics
"Beam dynamics of x-ray FEL oscillator"
Advisor: Kwang-Je Kim
Alexey Kochemirovskiy
Department of Physics
"Study of RF breakdown in strong magnetic fields"
Advisors: Young-Kee Kim and Daniel Bowring
Jeffrey Sayler
Department of Chemistry
Adivsor: Steven J. Sibener
Darren Veit
Department of Chemistry
Advisors: Steven J. Sibener and Alexander Romanenko

Former Students

Name Thesis Title Thesis Advisor Present Address
Alexander Vostrikov
(Ph.D. 2015)
"Physics and Material Science of Ultra-High Quality Factor
Superconducting Resonator"
Young-Kee Kim
Alexander Romanenko
Timofey Zolkin
(Ph.D. 2014)
"Study of the Beam Transverse Instability
in the FNAL Booster Ring"
Young-Kee Kim
Valeri Lebedev
Alexey Burov
Satomi Shiraishi
(Ph.D. 2013)
"Investigation of Staged Laser-Plasma Acceleration" Young-Kee Kim
Wim Leemans
Mayo Medical School
Gunn Tae Park
(Ph.D. 2012)
"Performance Limiting Factors
for X-Ray Free Electron Laser Oscillators
as Highly Coherent, High Spectral Purity X-Ray Sources"
Kwang-Je Kim Institute for Basic Science
Yin-E Sun
(Ph.D. 2005)
"Angular Momentum Dominated Electron Beams
and Flat Beam Generation"
Kwang-Je Kim Argonne National Lab.